Unraveled on the Gravel: a musical (music, book & lyrics)
1F, 3M
This show navigates the haunted relationship between a compulsive hitchhiker and his overly devoted girlfriend.

Productions: Spotlighters Theatre, Baltimore MD; Baltimore Playwrights Festival

Cracking Columns: a musical (music, book & lyrics)
2F, 2M
Samantha and Ryan find themselves broke and stranded in a bus station in the middle of the night…holding two strangers hostage at gun point.

Workshop: University of Central Florida, Orlando FL

The Scofield Coda: a musical (music, book & lyrics)
4F, 4M
A successful U.S. Senator must choose between saving his legacy or his family.

Productions: The Valley Playhouse, Harrisonburg VA

Cast of "Unraveled on the Gravel: the musical" from Spotlighters Theatre

Cast of “Unraveled on the Gravel: the musical” Sarah Jachelski and Josh Kemper


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