Full Length

The Search
4F 1M
Maureen’s sister is dead. She can’t stop thinking about her. This is understandable, but not altogether convenient. Especially not when you’re applying for the prestigious Head of School position at Waverly Hall Academy High School for Girls. How far is Maureen willing to go to be a leader of a historic institution? How far will she bend her values before they break?

Workshop: The Dramatist Guild.

2F 2M
It’s December 27th, 2007 and much of Kenya is protesting the questionable results of their presidential election. Jeff, a humanitarian worker burnt-out from his job and estranged from his wife, finds himself trapped in a hotel room due to the riot occurring outside his window. Hearing screams, he pulls in two Kenyan women who forever change his life.

Productions: Theatrical Mining Company, Baltimore MD; Baltimore Playwrights FestivalView a performance

2F, 2M
David Franell returns home from his first year at college to be with his dying mother, but he soon finds that his relationship with his father, Ed, is in far worse condition.

Workshop: Theatrical Mining Company, Baltimore MD

1F 2M
Vacant tells the story of Charlotte, a recent widow who fights loneliness by crusading to save the abandoned houses in her city. In order to get delinquent landlords to pay attention, she spray paints the owners’ social security numbers on the doors of their forgotten properties.

Scene Workshop: Theatrical Mining Company, Baltimore MD

The Line in the Sand: Stories from the US/Mexico Border (co-author)
2F, 1M
Monologs developed from interviews with ranchers, migrants and others affected by U.S./Mexico border migration.

Productions: produced nationally in collaboration with CRS.

Cast of "Passport" Mike Ware and Claire Bowerman

Cast of “Passport” Mike Ware and Claire Bowerman


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