10 Minute Plays

The Coaching Session
1F, 1M
After a big career with a fortune 500 company, Ed is stuck selling TVs for a dingy electronics store. Although he’s rotten at his job, he can’t help but give coaching tips to his 20‐something boss who is trying her best to fire him.

Productions: Acme Theatre, Maynard MA; Short Play Lab, New York NY; Fells Point Corner Theatre, Baltimore MD

Micro vs Macro
It’s a sun-filled day. Bill is sitting on a bench, trying to clear his head. Unfortunately, he’s recent medical diagnosis keeps talking to him.

Reading: Kennedy Center Page to Stage Reading, Washington DC

Magic, Nebraska
1F, 1M, 3 Anything
A small town couple discovers, loses and rediscovers each other. Just as their relationships goes up and down, so does the fate of the town.

Production: Rapid Lemons Productions Variations Festival, Baltimore MD

Your Traffic Report Hurts My Feelings
1F, 2M
Randy is stuck in an unending traffic jam. His frustration with life reaches the boiling point when his wife, a radio traffic reporter, reports on every traffic jam in the city except his own. As a mysterious homeless man rambles on nearby, Randy re-evaluates his marriage and his life.

Production: Silver Spring Stage, Silver Spring MD, voted Best Script

Baltimore, 9:15pm
2F, 3M
Two couples, one black and one white, engage each other on a dark corner in Baltimore at 9:15pm. Once things become predictable in this “race play,” the cast turns on the playwright and demands more.

Readings: Kennedy Center Page to Stage Reading, Washington DC; Free Fall Baltimore, Baltimore MD

Smell the Blame
2F, 1M
A mother and daughter struggle across millennia with their unnaturally powerful sense of smell.

Production: Rapid Lemons Productions Variations Festival, Baltimore MD

Sorry I Can’t Give You My Attention
1F, 2M
DD, a fundraiser can’t get Sam and Chris’ attention, as they are too consumed with other matters. Sam is in awe of every cereal available at the grocery store, and Chris laments every animal that has goes extinct over the past 100 years. All together, no one hears a thing.

Reading: Kennedy Center Page to Stage Reading, Washington DC

In this 1950’s creature-feature throwback, radioactive crabs have taken over Baltimore and kidnapped a local woman. The woman’s brother and her husband argue the best strategy to rescue her, by force with mallets or diplomacy with Old Bay.

Production: Fells Point Corner Theatre, Baltimore MD

I’ve Got to Lay 300 Eggs
2F, 1M
Eve is a mosquito ready to lay her eggs, but she needs a big protein boost from some human blood. Her mate, Adam, wants her to dine away on an unsuspecting hotel guest, but Eve has second thoughts since she is carrying malaria. Is it right to destroy one species to advance another?

Production: Arena Players Variations Project, Baltimore MD

The Political Round Up
1F, 2M
Amanda and Bradbury are on complete opposite ends of the political spectrum. Jack is in the middle trying to keep things sane. Soon they all find out they have more in common than the love of a good argument.

Reading: Kennedy Center Page to Stage Reading, Washington DC

Battle of the Outlaws
2F, 5M
Bad Bart battles with Dutch over who’s the meanest outlaw.

Production: Baltimore Improv Group, Baltimore MD

The Tell Tale Cell
3F, 3M
John Scofield is about to announce to a large crowd that he’s running for Congress, but his wife does not have the guts to tell him it’s a big mistake. An annoying cell phone may be just the motivation she needs.

Readings: Kennedy Center Page to Stage Reading, Washington DC; Free Fall Baltimore, Baltimore MD

One Out of Five
1F, 1M
It’s Gary and Judith’s first night at home with their five newborns. Nutty from sleep deprivation, the couple goes over the deep end projecting the chances their kids will end up either as football stars or allergic to wheat gluten.

Productions: Run of the Mill Theatre, Baltimore MD; Salt Luck, Baltimore MD

Cast of "CRABS!" from Fells Point Corner Theatre

Cast of “CRABS!” Tim Slack and Ron Zyna


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